Betelhem Makonnen _________ ቤተልሄም መኮንን     


untitled (meanwhile II, web 3.0)

Austin Central Library, Austin, Texas
March 2019

untitled (meanwhile II, web 3.0), a live feed transmission from the International Space Station, proposes a break from the overwhelming spectacle that has become the everyday of contemporary life, continuously mediated through our ever-present screens. Combining quotidian objects (wood panel, a TV monitor, the internet, and a window) and action (gazing out a window, we hope to create an unforeseen and expanded perception of here. The work engages embodied experience through presence, perception, and shifts in perspective. Subverting the given relationships of near/far, macro/micro, sublime/mundane, as well as here/there, collapses distance and time opening a new (in)habitable space. untitled (meanwhile II, web 3.0) hacks the polarizing social relations incessantly mediated by our screens and the internet, offering a new channel for unexpected encounters with our world and each other.

A collobrative project of Betelhem Makonnen and Adrian Aguilera.

untitled (meanwhile II, web 3.0), 2019
single channel video, TV monitor, shutter blinds, and wood panel

Austin Texas Gov


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