conjugating perception

2018 - present

In conjugating perception auto-portraiture is performed within a fugitive image plane where a predicated self retains the agency to inhabit states of transition that challenge seeing habits and re-configure the fixed relationship between the viewer and the viewed, potentially enabling radically new possibilities for perception and being.

conjugating perception is a body of work of experimental photographic auto-portraiture compositions as well as high definition video. The works in conjugating perception are structured through a perceptual vocabulary that prioritize combination and simultaneity over withdrawal and elimination. By activating contact, exchange and mobility between different complexes - temporal, spacial, and psychological - these works are an inquiry into relationality as a methodology to create newly imagined forms of self-representation.

Approaching image making by way of conversing with photography's long legacy of misrepresentation of raced and sexed bodies, its disenfranchising frame, and congenitally diseased gaze, conjugating perception invites the viewer to peer deeper into the psychologies of identity politics and the problematics of binary language in our cultural context.

Low-Residency, High Impact, fnews mag, SAIC

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