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for the time being


for the time being
Texas Woman’s University
Division of Visual Arts – East | West Galleries
300 Texas St
Denton, TX

Exhibition: Jan 18 - Feb 18, 2022
Artists reception: Feb. 3 from 5 - 8 pm
Artists Panel Lecture: Feb. 3, from 6 - 7 pm

Texas Woman’s University’s East and West Galleries (Division of Visual Arts) is excited to announce for the time being, an exhibition curated by faculty at TWU that features works by prominent artists Annette Lawrence, Betelhem Makonnen, Kristen Cochran, and Alicia Eggert. The Artists Panel Lecture will bring together all artists from the show for a discussion centered around themselves and their art, and will conclude with a Q&A with audience members. for the time being centers around each artist’s unique relationship with time. Whether embedded in their working process or surfacing as a message, the works are inherently philosophical as they relate to the construct of time in unique and innovative ways. This manifests through expression reflected in the duality and multitude of experience which encompasses linear and circular, analog and digital, light and dark, life and death. Some works nod to the ways in which the pandemic restructured the ways we record, perceive, and have lost time. These losses carry a sense of grief that is both personally and universally felt. Other times, the works reflect the phenomenological construction of the natural world as we process being a part of the whole.

Annette Lawrence will be showcasing a new set of graphite, ink and paper drawings that examines and records the process in experiencing grief and loss. Betelhem Makonnen will be showing video installations and sculptures that examine the movement of time and space, the weight of time, and a sense of being part of a larger collective through language. Kristen Cochran’s work for the exhibition will include new sculptures and works on paper created at a recent residency that reference time as a construct through a series of processes that recall the body, rest, notions of labor and social expectations. Alicia Eggert will be including a large neon sculpture that expresses the way words can be an image that carries meaning and place, and a piece that includes live flowers that will decay during the run of the exhibition displaying the passage of time across organic material.

Curatorial team: Caitlin Spencer and Julie Libersat
Technical Director & Gallery Manager: Blake Weld

for the time being Panel Discussion Annette Lawrence, Betelhem Makonnen, Kristen Cochran, and Alicia Eggert with moderators Megan Griffiths and Caitlin Spencer.

untitled (ante-productivity exercises or moving time and space)

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