Betelhem Makonnen_________ቤተልሄም መኮንን                                                         

conjugated correspondence 

digital photographs, polyptych in 12 parts + 1
16 x 20 in. each (framed)
edition of 5

Betelhem Makonnen
in collaboration with Nathanaël

An encounter between artist and author over three months from out of no time.

A correspondence in search of correspondence, address and impress, hand and hand.

A watering hole, an ocean, a spring, opened un/likelihood between Texas and Martinique, from out of a classroom in Chicago, with its adjoining rooms, and its echoes, mind made feeling, like so many outtakes of an unmade film.

hands words stones islands rocks bodies dispersal and doubling

Pressing the authority of accounts, and officialized histories, are expanses of silence, forms of temporal attentiveness.

cut hands held bridging distance

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