Betelhem Makonnen_________ ቤተልሄም መኮንን     


change means revolution in Amharic (person, place and thing)
Crit Group Reunion, Chapter Two: Facing Each Other
November 20, 2021 – January 16, 2022
The Contemporary Austin–Jones Center, Austin, Texas

change means revolution in Amharic (person, place and thing), 2019
2 channel video w/multichannel audio
05:36 mins
camera and editing: Betelhem Makonnen
music: Kennedy Mengesha
Akele Deme

Cousins navigating the streets of their birth city, still-home to one and back-home to the other. A backwards amble into the grounds of childhood at the intersection of history and memory with globalization’s algorithmic winds of change.


Women and Their Work

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