Rock Standard Time (RST)

Tito's Prize Exhibition
March 6 – April 4, 2020

Big Medium is pleased to present the third annual Tito's Prize exhibition featuring winner Betelhem Makonnen. The solo exhibition, Rock Standard Time (RST), will open with a special reception on Friday, March 6. The reception will include a Press Preview from 6 – 7pm and Exhibition Opening from 7 – 10pm. The exhibition will run through SXSW and end on April 4.

Rock Standard Time (RST) is an invitation to res(e)t our current climate of temporal anxiety. Feeling exiled from time, rather than being in and of it, it seems everyone is continually chasing after it and never catching up. How can we have time outside of imposed standards and within our best interests? Can we rush, if we must, but slowly? Works in photography, video, text and installation made through, with, and just in time ask us to shift our perspective and consider multiple scales and registers for time accounting.

Born from continuing conversations, correspondence and collaborations, the exhibition is a meditative resistance to the internalized ticks and tocks that assert we have no time to respond to ourselves, to each other, nor our world. Time in all its conjugation and tenses is inseparable from the human experience – we aretime and time is on our side, yes it is.

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