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Southwest Contemporary May 2023
Thao Votang, Work in Progress with Betelhem Makonnen

ARTFORUM December 2022
Aracelis Girmay, “on Marwa Helal’s Ante body” 

San Antonio Magazine August 2022
Paulina Rodriguez, Memories are at the Forefront in Artpace’s International Artist-in Residence Exhibitions

Sightlines Magazine November 2021 
Kaila Schedeen, At grayDUCK Gallery, ‘small acts’ makes a big impact

ARTFORUM September 2021 
Jessica Baran, “From the Limitations of Now” PHILBROOK MUSEUM OF ART

The Believer August 2021
Nickolas Calabrese, Can a Tulsa Art Show Help Remake the Heartless Heartland?

Los Angeles Weekly Times July 2021
Michelle Johnson, Art as a ‘Catalyst for Conversations

Glasstire July 2021
Christopher Blay, For Independence Day: Six American Flags by Texas Artists

TulsaWorld May 2021
James D. Watts Jr., Artists create lapel pin of John Lewis flag

The New York Times May 2021
Tess Thackara, It’s About Time.’ Museums Make Bids for Their Communities

The Journal Record March 2021
Lillie-Beth Brinkman, Art helps to illuminate our painful past

Glasstire, December 2020  
Artist On Artist: Betelhem Makonnen w/ Christopher Blay, podcast

frieze, December 2020
Lauren Moya Ford, Adrian Aguilera and Betelhem Makonnen’s Vision of an America That Is Yet to Be

Sightlines Magazine, November 2020
Lauren Moya Ford, Adrian Aguilera and Betelhem Makonnen: ‘people the We’

Glasstire Top Five: March 5, 2020, W/ Mark Bradford

Arts and Culture Magazine, March 2020 Jeanne Claire van Ryzen, Rock Reset with her tito’s prize exhibition, Betelhem Makonnen suggests an alternative to our current climate of temporal anxiety

Hyperallergic, December 2019
Billy Anania, Two Transnational Artists Connect Through Shared Experiences of Displacement

Sightlines Magazine December 2019
Barbara Purcell, Retracing the Past Back to the No

Austin American Statesman October 2019
Michael Barnes, Time collapses for Tito’s Prize winner Betelhem Makonnen

SAIC F Newsmagazine August 6, 2019
Luis Lopez Levi, Low-Residency, High Impact

Austin Chronicle June 2019
Robert Faires, Local Exhibitions Point to Ways People of Color Were Freed but Still
Aren't Free. The Carver Museum asks: Freedom when?

Art in America May 2019
Sean J Patrick Carney, Dark Eco - Comedy: Austin’s Fusebox Festival

Sightlines Magazine April 2019
Kaila Schedeen, Trying to get present: Black Mountain Project’s constant escape

Fusebox Festival Blog April 2019
Phillip Townsend, Black Mountain Project: Constant Escap Interview

Austin Art in Public Places TEMPO Project, October 2018
untitled (these united states)

Arts and Culture Magazine March 2018
Tarra Gaines, The Geology of Art: Fusebox 2018

Revista Lampejo March 2017
Antônio Carlos Amorim, Daniel Lin(ha)s Nômades

Conflict of Interest, October 2017
Jessi DiTillio, Q+A with Adrian Aguilera + Betelhem Makonnen

Revista Caju April 2017
Analu Cunha, videoarte em transito

Austin Chronicle December 2016
Caitlin Greenwood, Imperialism and identity compete in Betelhem Makonnen’s solo show about a 19th century Ethiopian prince

Arts and Culture Magazine September 2016
Thao Votang, The Honesty of Rocks: Crit Group at GrayDUCK Gallery

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