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Parsley Space Rosemary Time 


Parsley Space Rosemary Time
The University Galleries at Texas State University |
Joann Cole Mitte Building
233 West Sessom Street
San Marcos, Texas 78666

Exhibition: Sep 25 - Nov 7, 2023
Artists reception: Sep. 25 from 5 - 7 pm

Texas State Galleries presents Parsley Space Rosemary Time, a group exhibition featuring: Cameron Cameron, Sev Coursen, T.J. Lemanski, Betelhem Makonnen, Andrea Martinez, Kevin McNamee-Tweed, Meghan Shogan, and John Tennison.

Each artist renders a unique effort to construct, deconstruct or observe the human experience of time. While quantum mechanics has given us traditional and standardized systems for measuring the passing of time, what other systems might we use to better understand the depth and range of this personal experience beyond any one perspective? Science provides us with some much-needed order in a world full of uncertainty and chaos, but it is a deeper understanding of oneself amongst that chaos that is the subject of this exhibition, wherein before, now, and after are all determined by the observer. Humor, humility, and, most of all, reflection, are just a few of the individual qualities that shine through this collection of artworks

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